Friday, January 14, 2011

Pushups, Week 2

Now that I’ve dug out from the 25 inches of snow that got dumped on us earlier this week, it’s time for a pushups update. Week 2 is in the books! Definitely more of a challenge than the first week, but I’m still feeling really good about this. The next two weeks won’t be nearly as easy though. I’m still about 75 away from being able to do 100 consecutive pushups, and it’ll be hard to get from here to there in only 4 weeks (skepticism creeps in). There’s still no good reason to believe that this won’t work though, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks.

Now for a bit of a confession: I actually haven’t done any pushups for 5 days now. The trouble has been with work – I’ve been pushing paper all week (literally pallets and pallets full of paper), so I’ve been too sore to do much lately. No worries though, because the great part about this program is that it’s very flexible. Have trouble with a week? Do it again and then move forward. With this in mind, tomorrow I’ll continue with the first day of the third week, and then I’ll be re-starting the third week on Monday to get back to the Mon-Wed-Fri schedule that I want to follow. Problem solved.

Up next, finally a beer review!

Push Up Count
Last Week: 183
Cumulative: 330

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